About the Author

Ronald Stein, P.E. is an engineer and Founder of PTS Advance, drawing upon decades of project management and business development experiences. He is an internationally published columnist, energy expert, and Pulitzer Prize nominated author who writes frequently about all aspects of energy and economics and is a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute.

Todd Royal is an independent public policy consultant in Los Angeles focusing on the geopolitical implications of energy. His scholarly works are on energy, geopolitics, national security, and foreign policy.

Ron and Todd believe it is dangerous and delusional to believe anything can be explained in sound bites, much less energy. They will discuss the pros and cons of renewables, coal, natural gas, fuels, and nuclear sources being touted in the press and social media, to meet the needs of societies around the world.

They will make you look at energy and electricity in a new, fresh way, and perspective. They believe this is desperately needed with the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, and global events taking place in China, Russia, Iran, Africa, India, and South America.

Ron and Todd are energy agnostics who only want to share the facts for you to be further energy literate, through their books, Op Ed articles, radio and TV interviews, and in-person presentations, to provide in-depth discussions, and explanations on many energy related subjects.

Ronald Stein
Ambassador for Energy & Infrastructure
Twitter: @PTSFounder

Todd Royal
Independent Public Policy Consultant
Twitter: @TCR_Consulting

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