Energy Literacy Subjects

By effectively communicating their in-depth research within their books and Op Ed articles via in-person presentations an discussions, Ron and Todd desire to help students, organizations, government leaders, and all residents to be better informed about all thing’s energy related and to be energy literate about the many facets of renewable energies and fossil fuels that support lifestyles and economies around the world and address such subjects as:

  1. Attaining a better understanding about how the world has changed from societies that existed in primeval times, and the Dark Ages without electricity, transportation systems, or the thousands of products made from the petroleum derivatives that come from a barrel of crude oil.
  2. Be appreciative as to how the inventions of the automobile, airplane, and the use of petroleum in the early 1900’s led us into the Industrial Revolution. Crude oil, natural gas, and coal changed – for the better – the lifestyles of every person living in developed countries such as, the U.S., Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.
  3. Time to be cognizant about the dark side of electric vehicles, wind turbines, and solar panels that cannot function without exotic minerals being mined by children and slave labor in countries like the Congo in Africa, and China. The mere extraction of those exotic minerals used in the batteries of EVs and in the wind and solar systems presents social challenges, human rights abuses, and environmental degradations
  4. Be mindful of how the world changed with the infrastructures of airlines, trains, vehicles, merchant ships, medications, fertilizers, cosmetics, and military equipment like aircraft carriers, battleships, planes, tanks and armor, trucks, troop carriers, and weaponry that did not exist before 1900. Everyone one of the pieces and parts of a thriving society and the world have exploded to meet the growing demands of society and the creative capabilities of today’s minds are demanding more and better products to enhance our lifestyles.
  5. Take notice as to why China and India, the two most populous countries in the world with billions of people, are rejecting renewables for coal fired power plants. How China and India use energy is obviously of great importance to world emissions levels, since coal is the dirtiest form of scalable, reliable, affordable, and abundant energy currently available to billions of people hungry for reliable electricity in the developing world.
  6. Awareness as to why Germany, Australia, and the United States are attempting to take on the leadership to convert the world from fossil fuels and all the derivatives that emanate from petroleum to makes things and move products around the world. Closer to home, why does the state of California import electricity, and why is California the ONLY state in the continental USA that imports most of its crude oil needs from foreign countries?
  7. Learn about the climate alarmists who benefit from the all-electric narrative, since wind and solar electricity never accounts for the thousands of products that come from petroleum derivatives to “make things and move products”.
  8. Understand how every part in wind turbines and solar panels comes from the derivatives from petroleum, and if the world’s largest economy – the United States – shut down everything that caused emissions, including human life, emissions will still grow, because of China, India, and Africa. Literally, the U.S. could have 100% reductions in CO2 emissions, and global emissions will rise, because of China, India, and Africa, and their prolific usage of coal.

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