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GOP Tax Bill is a Boon for Oil and Gas

The Geopolitical Implications of Renewable Energy

Electric Vehicles the High Cost of Going Green

Is the Geopolitical Risk Premium in Oil Overrated

Will Trump Send Oil Prices Crashing?

Iran and North Korea: Is the Geopolitical Risk Premium Back?

These Factors are Holding Back an Oil Rally

Expect a New Shale Boom this Spring

What is Holding Renewable Energy Back?

The Math Doesn’t Work for the OPEC Deal to Add Up

Chinese Coal Industry Sees Earning Explode in 2016 (As a reference what I wrote about and predicted here and has come true – see this source for verification:

The Bearish Case for Oil in 2017

Does a Renewables Future Dim Under Trump?

Trump’s Energy Policy: A Look Under the Hood

OPEC Might Fail to Boost Oil Prices but Crude isn’t Going Anywhere (Wrote three heavily-sourced books making this case)

What is Holding the Electric Car Market Back?

Why Oil Investors Should Look Beyond the OPEC Meeting

A Shrewd Approach to Oil Investing

Why Climate Panic Is Unfounded Hysteria

The Dangerous Politicization of Energy Policy

Coal versus Wind, Renewables, and Electrical Grids (Who Wins?)

Joe Biden’s Little-Known Dangerous Plan for Fossil Fuels

The Coronavirus Puts Into Question the Role of Crude Oil in America

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught the World the Importance of Reliable Energy

Energy Idiocracy: Global Policymakers are Creating More Problems Than Solutions By Embracing Renewables

Climate Change Enthusiasts Will Create an Energy Crisis

U.S. Natural Gas is the New, Global, Soft-Power Weapon

Shale 2.0 – Is There a Geopolitical Dark Side?–-there-geopolitical-dark-side-24694

Venezuela’s Loss Is Russia and China’s Gain

Don’t Fall for the Renewable Energy Hype

Obama will rue the day he made the Iran nuclear deal

Asia must get serious to counter China’s hegemonic rise

The western-led devastation of declining birth rates

China must tackle its unreported internal problems

Why it’s difficult to trust Russia or China

Understanding the limitations of the electric vehicle market

Oil prices continue to slide as US-fossil fuel supplies build

The global warming boogeyman

The deep entrenched fallacy of the ‘Asian pivot’

Geopolitics becoming main driver of global oil prices

Japan should acquire nuclear weapons to deter China and North Korea (this article was sourced globally at one time in books and other news sites)

Can Biden Learn from the UK’s Renewables Failure?

COVID and Climate Models Will Not Save Us

Renewable energy doesn’t have what it takes to beat COVID-19

COVID-19 and Reliable Energy

US Fracking Will Continue Its Forward March

India and the US can strike an energy deal of the century

To Avoid Global War, Ensure US Energy Dominance

Energy and Geopolitics Are under Attack

China and India Will Watch the West Destroy Itself

Clean Energy Has Questions to Answer

Russia, Iran, and the Weaponization of Energy

Questioning Global Warming

US Led Domestic And International Energy Plan If Biden Is Elected Will Hurt Asia, US And Global Prosperity

Britain Will Never Achieve 30 Million EV’s, Will Joe Biden Try Same Thing?

Fossil Fuels And Nuclear Power The World

Factually Examining Climate Change

COVID-19 Pandemic, Climate Change, And Renewables

Germany’s Downward Energy Spiral In COVID-19 Pandemic Has Grim Ramifications For California

Energy Stocks On The Rise In 2020 (pre-COVID-19 analysis)

A Century Of Russia’s Weaponization Of Energy

Energy And Poverty

France Shows How Energy And Society Are Intertwined

Renewable Energy Has High Hurdles For Europe And The US To Overcome

The US Environmental Movement Is Bad For America And The World

How China Views Energy Today, Tomorrow And The Future

Can EU Shake Its Russian Energy Habit?

Trump’s New Energy Plan Is Upending Global Geopolitics

The Future Of Geopolitics And Energy Markets

Is This What California Wants?

If The Texas Economic Miracle Can’t Figure Out Renewables – Neither Can California

California Needs Fossil Fuels

Is There a Pandemic of Pollution?

The EPA Should Retain the Existing National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Germany’s Downward Energy Spiral in the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Grim Ramifications for California

Politicians Know There Is a Better Solution than Climate Litigation

Climate Litigation Brings Divisiveness Instead of Unity to California

California’s Inconvenient Oil Import Dilemma

California following New York’s Energy Polices Will Lead to Blackouts (And they did; and will continue until the grid is replaced and most stable electrical generation (fossil fuels or nuclear) are reintroduced for electricity)

Australia’s is an Energy Cautionary Tale for California

Soberly Understanding the Numbers Behind Renewables

Energy Storage isn’t Ready for Wide Deployment (this article is one of the main reasons Duke University hired me to work on the energy storage project last year and was the energy expert brought in on a legal case involving renewables)

Why Gasoline is Going Higher in California

Land Use Issues Affecting Renewable Energy in California

The Future is Incredible for US Oil Production. CA Should Join In

California Needs a New Energy Policy

New Solar Mandate Will Dramatically Raise Energy Prices in California

How Iran’s Continued Belligerent Behavior Could Raise California’s Energy Prices

Shale 2.0 – California is Missing Out on Transforming the State

The Cautious British Example When It Comes to Electric Vehicles

The Disaster of Believing in 100% Renewable Energy

How Iran and North Korea Could Wreck California Energy Dependent Economy

Why California’s Finances Could Derail Their Energy Plans

The Implications of the Paris Climate Deal

Renewables Have Glaring Obstacles to Overcome for California

A New Era for American Energy

Investing in the Electric Vehicle Market

California Needs to Consider the Energy Implications of SB 32

Why Donald Trump’s Energy Plan Can Work

California Energy Plans Must Consider Geopolitics

New book brings clarity to a world without fossil fuels

Energy Made Easy

Can “renewables” dent the world’s need for electricity? (Co-authored with Ronald Stein)

The U.S. is in a geopolitical mess over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

False flag environmentalism is dangerous for America and the world

Russia’s not-so-secret plan to control the world’s energy

Could Coal Be The Answer For Billions Without Energy?

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